Episode 1: Prologue

My name is Kerry May Rhys-Hansen, and I am the Chosen Chronicler of my generation. I know “Chosen Chronicler” sounds like something out of a fantasy novel. Since the terrifying wake-up call, the night of the Wild Hunt, you can’t deny that we live in a world where paranormal fantasy is more paranormal reality. My job description boils down to this: I record the contemporary history of Chosen Ones and compile it so future Chosen Ones can learn from it.

You’re probably waving your hands in the air and going, “Whoa, wait, define ‘Chosen One,’ Kerry, because I didn’t even know magic was real until it literally bit me in the face a few weeks ago.” It can be a lot to take in, but simply put: Throughout time, people who’ve been able to perceive potential futures recorded prophecies, and those prophecies usually designate the person destined to fulfill them.

Chosen Ones have innate magical gifts that match their callings. Some say that angels put blessings upon the Chosen Ones. Others say it’s the ebb and flow of magic, tied to the lifeline of these special individuals. Any of that could be true. Maybe it depends on the particular chosen calling. My job isn’t to explain why the Chosen Ones can do what they do. I just record their stories.

Now, there’s this elite organization called the Hands of the Seers who keep a close guard over the Library of Chroniclers. It’s all part of their mission to see that the prophecies that will save the world from destruction are fulfilled. They’re of the opinion that the Chosen Ones themselves are the only ones who need these histories.

I disagree.

After all, roiling darkness and dry lightning blanketed the entire planet, and our worst nightmares sprang forth and started hunting us all for the better part of two days. When the nightmares faded and the sun rose like normal again, news organizations and governments worldwide had to face the facts: Magic is real, and magical beings live among us.

Now everyone is asking what to do.

If the Hands of the Seers had their way, all the magical creatures in the world would agree to keep their heads down until this whole thing blew over. They figure modern humans have mastered the art of being completely dense around all things arcane and inexplicable. They think it’s just better that way.

But we’re way beyond any return to blind innocence.

You already know firsthand how terrifying these paranormal things can be.

You want to know where the Wild Hunt came from—and what brought the sun back.

I could start this account from at least a dozen different places. I’m choosing to start with The Haunting of Paxwood House for a few key reasons:

First, the haunting brought Paxwood to the attention of Rowen Hayward, Chosen Slayer of the Demon Veroriax, one who was destined to die and yet lived by a twist of fate. Here, Rowen started her alliance: Chosen Ones fighting in support of one another instead of in isolation, so no Chosen One would have to die alone.

Second, this was when I proved to myself that magic was real, and I stepped into my role as Chosen Chronicler.

Third, I’m a sucker for a good romance. That night in May, I was still trying to work up the courage to tell my best friend I had a crush on her.

The Haunting of Paxwood House has been faithfully assembled from firsthand accounts and verifiable secondhand sources. I admit, I’ve taken a few liberties on the smaller details where exact information isn’t available. The heart and substance of the story are true, even if the minutia is a little off here and there.

And, really, you need to know that there are some truly amazing people in the world who are fighting back against the dark, and they aren’t alone in the fight. Some of us are Chosen Ones, born of prophecy and given innate magical gifts. Others saw the darkness in the world and chose themselves.

The stories of Paxwood are stories of hope. In these changing times, hope might be the most important thing of all. 

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Episode 1: Prologue

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