Paxwood Book Cover

Kerry wants to find the truth behind the urban legends in Paxwood–and confess her crush on her best friend. When Kerry digs into the Haunting of Paxwood House, she gets drawn into a dangerous web of prophecies. She meets Rowen, who survived her prophesied death and realized that Chosen Ones fighting alone are doomed to tragedy. Rowen seeks a place to gather Chosen Ones together to help each other survive. Is Paxwood House that place?

Read the episodes of Book 1 in order from the beginning here

  • Prologue: The Chosen, and Those Who Choose Themselves
    I shouldn’t still be in this house. It shouldn’t even be standing after the long cons, betrayals, incursions, and battles—most especially the latest.The battle that shattered the world. Newscasters are calling it the Wild Hunt—not sure who coined it, or if they care it isn’t entirely accurate. The Fair Folk and the Old Gods were
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