Paxwood Book Cover

Kerry wants to find the truth behind the urban legends in Paxwood–and confess her crush on her best friend. When Kerry digs into the Haunting of Paxwood House, she gets drawn into a dangerous web of prophecies. She meets Rowen, who survived her prophesied death and realized that Chosen Ones fighting alone are doomed to tragedy. Rowen seeks a place to gather Chosen Ones together to help each other survive. Is Paxwood House that place?

Read the episodes of Book 1 in order from the beginning here

  • Prologue: The Chosen, and Those Who Choose Themselves
    I shouldn’t still be in this house. It shouldn’t even be standing after the long cons, betrayals, incursions, and battles—most especially the latest.The battle that shattered the world. Newscasters are calling it the Wild Hunt—not sure who coined it, or if they care it isn’t entirely accurate. The Fair Folk and the Old Gods were
  • 01: Trespassing and Eavesdropping Are Terrible Hobbies
    Tuesday, May 18th, 2018, Late EveningMoon Phase: New MoonPaxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USAEyewitness: Kerry Loose crumbling brick remnants shifted beneath my feet as I crossed the gap in the wall that surrounded Paxwood House. I shouldn’t have been there, but the city council meeting ended early and Char wasn’t expecting me for another twenty minutes.
  • 02: Research by Moonlight Is Better with Friends
    Tuesday, 14 May 2019, Night (New Moon)Paxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USAEyewitness: Kerry A dirt road illuminated by flashlight wasn’t the most romantic place to confess your love to the girl of your dreams, but there were worse. I’d planned this out—and lost my nerve—for months. Any of the times we drove around provided the privacy
  • 03: Never Confess In Front of a Cop
    Tuesday, 14 May 2019, Night (New Moon)Paxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USAEyewitness: Kerry “Kerry Rhys-Hansen.” Officer Adrien Morgan tipped his head at us. He wore plaid and denim and he had no senior partner anywhere in sight, so he was definitely off duty. The first time I met him, before he joined the force, he kept
  • 04: Wizards Don’t Teach Shop
    Wednesday, 15 May 2019, Morning (Waxing Crescent)Paxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USAEyewitness: Kerry Regardless of what Clover thinks about humanizing myself and everyone else in this story, let’s be honest: Getting grounded sucks, and none of us wants to relive that conversation. Besides, you’re here for a haunted house story, not mother-daughter drama. Once my mother
  • 05: An Old Journal Should Be Kept Dry
    Wednesday, 15 May 2019, AfternoonPaxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USAEyewitness: Kerry I didn’t see Char for the entire school day. Our class schedules annoyingly didn’t line up, and even though we’d usually eat lunch together, she texted me to let me know she was going to hole up and review her math notes because she’d failed
  • 06 Best Friends Save You Leftovers
    Wednesday, 15 May 2019, EveningPaxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USAEyewitness: Kerry Luella Paxwood’s voice caught me somewhere between the turn of a page, where her journal became less like reading and more like listening to an old friend. I absorbed her life story, took notes on my computer, forgot about the existence of time or food.
  • 07: Red Sky in the Morning…?
    Saturday, 18 May 2019, Evening Paxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USA Eyewitness: Kerry I wanted to get inside Paxwood House, and Diana Cade, Paxwood Chronicle Editor, pulled through. All I had to do was ask, and she gave me the contact info to schedule a visit and one of her digital cameras to add pictures to
  • 08: Flickers of the Past
    Saturday, 18 May 2019, EveningPaxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USAEyewitness: Kerry The massive double doors parted silently, an open invitation. Weren’t haunted house doors supposed to creak like the voices of cursed souls? I stopped before I crossed the threshold and turned to give Char a photogenic smile, hand on the doorknob. With a laugh, she
  • 09: Ignore Instincts; Suffer the Consequences
    This is one of those memories where emotion overshadows detail for all eyewitnesses present and willing to provide their perspective. Char, driven down the hallway by the massive black dog that had emerged from the cellar stairs. Me, in pursuit, behind the dog, shivers running through my body, a spectral woman breathing down my neck.
  • 10: Butterflies and Toads
    Sunday, 19 May 2019, MorningPaxwood, Whatcom County, Washington, USAEyewitness: Kerry The thing about the phrase “butterflies in your stomach” is that, yes, it connects to a churning nervous feeling, something uncertain or nerve-wracking in the world, but it’s also that beautiful sort of nervousness. Something worthwhile, positive, enjoyable, or pleasant follows butterflies. The unsettled nervous
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