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Kerry wants to find the truth behind the urban legends in Paxwood–and confess her crush on her best friend. When Kerry digs into the Haunting of Paxwood House, she gets drawn into a dangerous web of prophecies. She meets Rowen, who survived her prophesied death and realized that Chosen Ones fighting alone are doomed to tragedy. Rowen seeks a place to gather Chosen Ones together to help each other survive. Is Paxwood House that place?

Read the episodes of Book 1 in order from the beginning here

  • Episode 1: Prologue
    My name is Kerry May Rhys-Hansen, and I am the Chosen Chronicler of my generation. I know “Chosen Chronicler” sounds like something out of a fantasy novel, but since the terrifying wake-up call that was the night of the Wild Hunt, you’ve got to admit, we’re all sort of in an urban fantasy here.
  • Episode 2: Eavesdropping
    Kerry leaned forward in the mildly uncomfortable plastic chair. The other Paxwood citizens attending the city council meeting focused on the presenters, but Kerry had already gotten a solid sense of those two. The lawyer, whose skin was almost deathly pale in contrast to his dark brown hair and deep black custom-tailored Armani suit, stood
  • Episode 3: A New Moon Investigation
    A dirt road illuminated by flashlight wasn’t the most romantic place to confess your love to the girl of your dreams, but Kerry’s heart was fluttering again, so she bit her lip as she bumped shoulders with her best friend in the darkness. And, really, this was a nerve-wracking challenge because Char was her best
  • Episode 4: Distracted
     Maybe Kerry would have taken a wolf over the near-guaranteed presence of Officer Morgan, but apparently Char had no such qualms. Kerry barely missed grabbing hold of her best friend’s hand when Char shifted directions and started running straight toward the flashing blue lights, kicking up gravel and dust as she went. “Thank goodness,” Char
  • Episode 5: Grounded
    Three empty wine glasses and an empty bottle of wine sat on the coffee table in the front room, but mercifully, whichever two city council members had been over for drinks, they were gone now. This would be between Kerry and her mother. “Sit down, Kerry,” her mother said from the cozy armchair where she
  • Episode 6: Denied
    Kerry’s first choice, digging into the history of Paxwood House, would have been to swing by Old Man Morgan’s home, except he’d passed away almost six months ago now. Of anyone in Paxwood, he most often indulged her curiosity, sharing stories about the shadows and secrets and ghosts of the town—and the land, before the
  • Episode 7: Digging Holes
     “…and they compared the Paxwood House to Chernobyl and said to leave this one alone,” Kerry concluded before popping a cafeteria french fry into her mouth. Char gave a soft hum, piercing her lunch salad with the only-partially-effective spork provided by the cafeteria with every meal. She took a moment to think, and eat some
  • Episode 8: The Library
    Kerry did try the school library during her TA period for more information, even though she knew that it wasn’t likely to provide much. What she really needed was the Paxwood Library’s records room with its old local newspaper archives, personal journals, family genealogy resources like birth and death records, and even a catalog of
  • Episode 9: Just Friendship
     Maybe Sly found Luella Paxwood’s journal a bit dry and boring, but once Kerry started reading it, she got carried away. Between the words on the page and the notes she took on her laptop, she lost herself in a world of research. The only thing that finally pulled her out of it was when
  • Episode 10: A Ghost and an Omen
     Kerry knew it was only polite to finish dessert before pulling out her laptop to show Char her research, so she started with the general recap between bites. “So, what I’ve learned so far: I found the journal of John Paxwood’s youngest daughter, Luella, when I was in the library–or at least one of her
  • Episode 11: Without Another Buyer
    It was no real surprise to Kerry when first her mother texted that she’d be home late, then her father texted that his business trip had been extended so that he could assist another client. She almost regretted leaving Char’s home early, just to go home to her quiet empty house, where only the dishwasher
  • Episode 12: Through the Fence
    Thursday was a normal enough school day, and Friday flew past with end of the week pop quizzes in history and science, a free day in PE that Kerry spent mostly walking the track so she’d get participation points without having to put in too much effort, and another quiet evening at home alone. She
  • Episode 13: Shadows at Noon
     Someone had to be first over the rubble that had once been a protective stone wall, and Kerry didn’t know why Char designated herself. Kerry kept one step behind her, careful to watch Char’s footing in case she stumbled, smiling as she went. She definitely had the most amazing best friend, so she didn’t want
  • Episode 14: The Real and the Unreal
    A flash of recognition planted itself like a seed in the back of Kerry’s thoughts as she focused her sights on the black dog that held Cody pinned to the ground, jaws clenched around Cody’s shoulder. But she didn’t have time to nourish that seed. As she ran in tandem next to Char, Char whipped
  • Episode 15: Unexpected Cover
    By the time Char’s parents picked up the phone, Kerry, Char, and Ms. Anholts were back outside the wall surrounding Paxwood House–this time through the front gate. Kerry held her phone in her hand, running her thumb up and down the edge of it as she debated whether to follow Char’s example and call her
  • Episode 16: Butterflies and Toads
    When people talked about butterflies in their stomach, that churning nervous feeling that came from something uncertain and nerve-wracking happening in the world, it was always a sign that something good was about to happen. Kerry wished there was a better phrase to describe the unsettled churning that came when the world was falling apart.
  • Episode 17: Mx. Cardoso’s Guest
     Kerry pedaled her bicycle harder than really necessary, hoping the burn in her thighs would at least distract her mind a little bit from the thumping and fluttering in her gut. The dropping sensation had returned almost immediately after she’d left the library, exacerbated by how vague Mx. Cardoso’s message had been. Had they already
  • Episode 18: Yogurt Drops
     “You went to Paxwood House, didn’t you?” The question was not unexpected, but the way that Mx. Cardoso was looking at her when he asked it felt weird. Kerry stood in the lobby of Cardoso Auto, between Mx. Cardoso and their friend Rowen, and both of them were staring at her like she was a lab
  • Episode 19: Rowen’s Goal
     Maisey’s Diner was, well, a diner in the truest sense. Like most every business in Paxwood, it was locally owned and operated. They made their pies on-site, and most of their diner food was made the same as it had been almost since the diner first opened. There was something novel about the white-and-red checkered
  • Episode 20: An Unexpected Concession
     Kerry spent the next hour enjoying fresh strawberry rhubarb pie–made with locally-grown strawberries and rhubarb–and catching Rowen up on everything that she knew about the process of buying Paxwood House, this house of historical significance that had once been the mayor’s home. The time to go home came too soon. She had barely touched on
  • Episode 21: An Antique Box
     Downtown Paxwood came alive only during certain times of the year–typical of a town that thrived primarily on tourism. The biggest seasons were the winter holidays and summer break. Sometimes the tourism board managed to snag the opportunity to host regional high school or college performance competitions, especially choir, band, and orchestra. But, two weeks
  • Episode 22: The Glass Cat
    The cedar jewelry box sat open on the cashier’s counter between Kerry and Sly. Sly was back on the cashier’s side, as she had been when Kerry came in, only now she was digging through the drawers of the dresser behind her, looking for fine tools they could use to poke and prod at the
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