Charlotte and Kerry

Charlotte and Kerry

Art by Macarena Perez

Kerry Rhys-Hansen (right) is the Chosen Chronicler and narrator of Paxwood. She uses she/her pronouns.

Charlotte Muso (left) is Kerry’s best friend. She uses she/her pronouns and goes by the nickname Char.

In The Haunting of Paxwood House, Kerry and Charlotte are finishing their sophomore year at Paxwood High.

Alex and his mouse

Alex (and Reepicheep)

Art by @Doki_Dolly

Alex Cardoso teaches shop at Paxwood High and assists their father in running Cardoso Auto, the oldest auto repair shop and gas station in Paxwood. They use they/them pronouns and go by Mx. Cardoso with students.

Reepicheep, RC for short, is Alex’s pet mouse.

Other Characters, in order of named appearance

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