About Steph Weaves Tales

Steph Weaves Tales is me, Stephanie Gildart, bringing together aspects of creativity that bring me joy and sharing them with you. I do creativity twitch streams and invite my viewers to make time to write or create something with me. I make adorable and amazing crochet creations. I write Paxwood, Prisymera, and other things when I can. I’m usually must active in the summer time. During the school year, I teach high school English.

This website serves as a content hub with updates for all my various projects, as well as occasional read-alongs and other activities. Or, at least, that’s the current plan. It’s also a constant work in progress.

Formal Biography Blurb

Stephanie Gildart writes fantasy and science fiction, imagining worlds of wonder and hope. She received her dual MA/MFA degree in Children’s Literature and Writing for Children from Simmons University. She finds some of her own hope by doing crochet, an artform where she can transform a strand of yarn into something magnificent–and when everything goes awry and she can’t figure out where she made her mistakes, it’s as simple as unraveling the project until she’s back to the point where everything made sense and building from there. There might be a metaphor there about learning, adapting, and growing through adversity there somewhere. By day, she teaches high school English. Whenever she can, she enjoys playing board games, tabletop RPGs, and sometimes video games, especially roguelikes, metroidvanias, and anything by Supergiant Games). She lives in Maryland with one wonderful husband and two snuggly lap dogs.